Business Customer Service Center 

Global service in Personal Safety Products

Making Quality Business Globalization

Business Customer Service Center (BCSC) administers to advance new and existing businesses operating efficiency and coordination amid marketing and customers worldwide. BCSC strives to provide  customers with professional services sustained :
1.      Inquiry for general affairs of international trading business.
2.      Guidance and friendly assistance for businesses in understanding   
3.      Coordinate business related concerns prior to Sales department.
4.      Provide professional technology developed program of OEM, ODM
         communication sustained by R&D Know-How.
5.      Serves as a liaison franchise and agency business related concerns 
         between customers.
Providing successful business opportunity to submit feedback on how to improve business progressively related services via communication and email is our goal. All is free and friendly assistance for business start-up contact.
All business contact is welcome, however, we recommend to contact toward discuss your business concerns. We also welcome the opportunity to speak with our group or organization.
If you wish to provide feedback on BCSC services, please don’t hesitate to submit your opinion or to comment on business services system, please send an e-mail to us at E-mail:
Or you’re able to surf on contact us to send an email to Sales department. Your any inquiry is worthy to us. Direct email is also workable and available at E-mail: