Mission of Corporation

Focus on safety in accordance with global regulation & environment

Growing number of fatal workplace accidents around the world, Safety is as the key theme for next edition. Since 2000, the Apolo Safety Industry along with Santanyx Enterprise Co.Ltd. is established a joint venture for new projects which is jointly organized by large designers , R&D, tech engineers and production management in cooperation with know how company, professionally sustained in security for more than 10 years all over the world . Establishing new business partner and sustaining our prestige of the trade mark in safety, protection and fire safety markets are also one of missions.
The pollution effects temperature of earth environment warming the atmosphere that absorbs including water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane.
As a result of its warmth, human environment atmosphere is transforming into one of several factors that affect the temperature of the Earth, mainly due to human-produced,which is believed to be, increased concentrations of abnormal production material. According to respecting environments, devoting ourselves to research environmental material is also a great mission.

Profile of Corporation

Apolo Safety Industry, the leading safety products provider of high-quality access solutions, has come up with more security through comfort while wearing and using our safety products that will be a wonderful experience.
Comprehensive safety product territory created by Apolo Safety Industry’s practical application in sport, fashion and tech industry includes personal safety, safety glasses, goggles, protector, clothing, textile, material in security.
This is made possible by the new identification technology of safety, which will make possible many new solutions in security for people in the future.
Welcome new partners and business agents for collaboration with personal safety industry. Multi-benefit business is available and sustainable in long term.
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